"Thoroughly engrossing..." — Midwest Book Review
Awarded 5 Gold Stars by readers at Amazon.com
In today's world of instant messaging and always-on media, where distinctions between fact and fiction are often blurred, Lincoln "Mac" MacMahan, a scarred and war-torn veteran now a professor at a northeastern university, displays remarkable kindness teaching his students the fundamentals of messaging and communication: the interface of human nature and society.

Unexpectedly, as the Fall semester unfolds to reveal the challenges in discerning truth, Mac and his students uncover a conspiracy inside the highest levels of government, just weeks before the upcoming Presidential election.
Fighting against a media storm, character assassination, and the threat of danger, they attempt to reveal the truth about the conspiracy.

But will that truth and the growing bond between Mac and his students be sufficient to prevent subversion of our liberties and America from being hijacked by its leadership?

The election is looming as Mac struggles with the value of his own life in pursuit of the truth, the meaning of faith, and the disappearance of a beautiful young woman he imagines to be his true love.
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What readers are saying about Oblique:
"... for those who wonder where our culture is going and what really moves people... [Oblique] will definitely strike a nerve with Millennials."

"...darkly indicative of the state of affairs in America today... mirrors many of the emotions and events taking place in today's modern American political arena. " — Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Well worth reading... a story of political intrigue and wrongdoing that enlightens and surprises..."

"... an excellent blend of plot and character development examining the impact of social media ..."

"A thoughtful novel ... and a good read."

"Once again, T.D. Holt leads us on a suspense-filled journey..."

"I literally couldn't put it down!"

"... an engrossing, well-paced story, told through the activities (and thoughts) of complex characters."

"A gripping thriller" — Midwest Book Review
Awarded 5 Gold Stars by readers at Amazon.com
Computer chips control nearly every aspect of our daily lives: our bank accounts, our businesses, our governments, even our cars. Imagine if those chips were flawed.

When rumors appear regarding the integrity of chip technology, the very foundation of the digital world — the Internet, global communications, commerce and defense systems — is threatened.

A young scientist, expert in semiconductor materials, has been secretly working on an alternative to computer chips. He accepts a position at a prestigious Boston university and meets and falls in love with a beautiful, yet controlling, young woman.
The stress caused by their relationship and subsequent marriage collide with his work when he stumbles upon an aberrant behavior in semiconductor substrates that may be the cause of the rumors. That such a problem could exist is absurd.

As the world slides backwards, he rushes to develop his alternative to chips while having to fight errant bloggers and journalists, maverick federal agents and a semiconductor cartel — all of whom threaten his family, his life, his faith in God — to perfect a breakthrough technology that will protect modern life. Can the world survive without computers? The answer lies in the thrilling, fast-paced conclusion.
From Amazon: $10.95
What readers are saying about Substate:
"A thriller ... highly recommended" —Midwest Book Review.

"...certainly the best book I've read this year!"

"... a spell-binding, believable story of how the ubiquous technology that we take for granted..."

"... a refreshing story of science not blinded by the secular and atheistic. Instead it seeks to view the world of the scientist tempered by the acceptance of faith. Holt proves the two not to be mutually exclusive as he winds his way through to the stunning finish. "A must read for all who have faith in things greater than Man."

"Holt's combination of technology and faith are thought-provoking... his attention to detail, in both the scientific and personal material, makes the book believable...impossible to put down."

"An excellent read. This is the first time I have recommended a book before I was finished reading the book... the writing is superb... intriguing the way the author weaves deep questions and reflections of most mortals into the fabric of the story. It is hard to believe that this story is fiction."

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