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A  [Top]
Abandoned Property
Abuse Of Process
Acceleration Clause
Administrative Hearing
Administrative Law
Administrative Procedure Act
Admissible Evidence
Adverse Possession
Advisory Opinion
Affirmative Action
Affirmative Defense
Age Discrimination
Age Of Consent
Aid And Abet
Amended Complaint
Amicus Curiae
Antitrust Laws
Apparent Authority
Articles Of Impeachment
Articles Of Incorporation
Assumption Of Risk
Attorney-Client Privilege
Attorney Of Record

B  [Top]
Bad Debt
Balance Due
Balance Sheet
Banking Law
Bar Association
Bar Examination
Bench Warrant
Beneficial Interest
Beneficial Use
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
Bill Of Attainder
Bill Of Exchange
Bill Of Lading
Bill Of Sale
Blue Laws
Board Of Directors
Boiler Room
Breach Of Contract
Breach Of The Peace
Breach Of Trust
Breach Of Warranty
Breaking And Entering
Brought To Trial
Bulk Sale
Burden Of Proof

C  [Top]
Capital Offense
Capital Punishment
Case Law
Cause Of Action
Caveat Emptor
Cease And Desist Order
Certificate Of Incorporation
Certificate Of Title
Character Witness
Charitable Contribution
Child Custody
Child Support
Circuit Courts
Circumstantial Evidence
Civil Action
Civil Code
Civil Law
Civil Liability
Civil Liberties
Civil Penalties
Civil Procedure
Civil Rights
Class Action
Clear And Convincing Evidence
Clear And Present Danger
Clear Title
Close Corporation
Closing Argument
Code Of Professional Responsibility
Color Of Law
Commercial Law
Common-Law Marriage
Common Law
Communications Law
Community Property
Compensatory Damages
Compound Interest
Concealed Weapon
Confession Of Judgment
Conflict Of Interest
Conflict Of Law
Conjugal Rights
Consent Decree
Consent Judgment
Consequential Damages
Constitutional Law
Constitutional Rights
Construction Law
Constructive Fraud
Consumer Protection Laws
Contempt Of Court
Cooperative Housing
Copyright Law
Corporate Law
Credible Witness
Crime Against Nature
Crime Of Passion
Criminal Attorney
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Cruel And Unusual Punishment
Cumulative Voting

D  [Top]
Day In Court
De Jure
De Minimis
Debtor In Possession
Declaration Of Trust
Declaratory Judgment
Declaratory Relief
Deed Of Trust
Default Judgment
Defense Attorney
Deficiency Judgment
Derivative Action
Direct Evidence
Direct Examination
Disability Law
Dispute Resolution
District Attorney
District Court
Documentary Evidence
Domestic Partners
Domestic Relations
Double Jeopardy
Double Taxation
Due Care
Due Process Of Law
Duty Of Care

E  [Top]
Elder Law
Eminent Domain
Employee Benefits
Employment Law
Entertainment Law
Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Law
Equal Opportunity
Equal Protection Of The Law
Errors And Omissions
Escape Clause
Escrow Agent
Estate Tax
Ex Officio
Ex Parte
Ex Post Facto
Ex Rel.
Exclusionary Rule
Executive Clemency
Executive Privilege
Exemplary Damages
Expert Witness
Extenuating Circumstances

F  [Top]
Fair Market Value
Fair Use
False Pretenses
Family Law
Federal Courts
Federal Tort Claims Act
Fee Simple
Fiduciary Relationship
Final Decree
Final Settlement
Forced Sale
Forcible Entry
Foreclosure Sale
Foreign Corporation
Forensic Medicine
Foster Child
Franchise Law
Franchise Tax
Fraudulent Conveyance
Free And Clear
Full Disclosure
Full Faith And Credit

G  [Top]
Gag Order
Gaming Law
Gender Bias
General Appearance
General Counsel
General Damages
General Plan
Gift Tax
Good Cause
Government Contracts
Grace Period
Grand Jury
Grandfather Clause
Grandfathered In
Gross Income
Guardian Ad Litem

H  [Top]
Habeas Corpus
Habitual Criminal
Half Blood
Head Of Household
Heat Of Passion
Hold Harmless
Holding Company
Home Rule
Hostile Witness
Human Rights

I  [Top]
Illegal Immigrant
Immigration Law
Implied Consent
Implied Covenant Of Good Faith And Fair Dealing
Implied Warranty
In Absentia
In Loco Parentis
Income Tax
Incontrovertible Evidence
Incorporate By Reference
Independent Contractor
Indian Law
Information And Belief
Informed Consent
Injunctive Relief
Insanity Defense
Insider Trading
Insufficient Evidence
Intellectual Property Law
Inter Alia
Interim Order
International Law
Interstate Commerce
Intestate Succession
Invasion Of Privacy
Ipso Facto
Irreconcilable Differences

J  [Top]
Joint And Several
Joint Custody
Joint Enterprise
Joint Tenancy
Joint Venture
Jones Act
Judge Advocate
Judge Advocate General
Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict
Judicial Discretion
Judicial Foreclosure
Justice Of The Peace

K  [Top]
Kangaroo Court

L  [Top]
Labor Law
Landlord And Tenant
Last Will And Testament
Law Of The Land
Legal Aid Society
Legal Fiction
Legal Separation
Legal Services
Legal Tender
Lemon Law
Letter Of Credit
Letters Of Administration
Life Estate
Limited Liability
Limited Partnership
Liquidated Damages
Lis Pendens
Living Trust
Living Will
Loss Of Consortium
Loss Of Use
Lower Court

M  [Top]
Malice Aforethought
Malicious Prosecution
Mann Act
Marital Rights
Market Value
Martial Law
Material Witness
Mechanic'S Lien
Medical Malpractice
Meet And Confer
Meeting Of The Minds
Mens Rea
Mental Anguish
Mental Competency
Mental Cruelty
Mental Suffering
Mergers And Acquisitions
Military Law
Mining Claim
Miranda Warning
Mitigating Circumstances
Modus Operandi
Moot Court
Motion For A New Trial
Motion For Dismissal
Motion To Strike
Motion To Suppress
Municipal Court
Municipal Law

N  [Top]
National Labor Relations Board
Natural Law
Negotiable Instrument
Next Of Kin
No Contest
Nolle Prosequi
Non-Conforming Use
Non-Profit Corporation
Non Sequitur
Not Guilty
Notary Public
Notice Of Default
Notice To Quit

O  [Top]
Obstruction Of Justice
Of Counsel
Officer Of The Court
Official Misconduct
On The Stand
Open Court
Opening Statement
Oral Contract
Order To Show Cause
Ordinary Course Of Business
Original Jurisdiction
Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
Out Of Court
Overt Act
Own Recognizance

P  [Top]
Pain And Suffering
Parental Neglect
Partial Disability
Patent Infringement
Patent Pending
Paternity Suit
Payment In Full
Peeping Tom
Per Capita
Per Curiam
Per Diem
Per Se
Permanent Disability
Permanent Injunction
Permanent Injury
Personal Effects
Personal Injury
Personal Property
Petty Larceny
Pink Slip
Plaintiff'S Attorney
Plea Bargain
Posse Comitatus
Possession Of Stolen Goods
Post Mortem
Power Of Attorney
Preferred Dividend
Preferred Stock
Preliminary Hearing
Preliminary Injunction
Prenuptial Agreement
Preponderance Of The Evidence
Presiding Judge
Presumption Of Innocence
Price Fixing
Prima Facie Case
Prime Suspect
Privacy Law
Private Nuisance
Private Property
Private Road
Privileges And Immunities
Pro Bono
Pro Forma
Pro Rata
Pro Se
Pro Tempore
Process Server
Product Liability
Professional Negligence
Professional Responsibility
Promissory Estoppel
Promissory Note
Proper Party
Property Damage
Property Tax
Proprietary Interest
Proprietary Rights
Protective Custody
Public Administrator
Public Benefit Corporation
Public Contracts
Public Defender
Public Figure
Public Policy
Public Property
Public Record
Public Utility
Punitive Damages

Q  [Top]
Queen'S Bench
Quid Pro Quo
Quiet Enjoyment
Quitclaim Deed
Quo Warranto

R  [Top]
RICO law
Real Estate Law
Real Property
Reasonable Care
Reasonable Doubt
Reasonable Speed
Reasonable Time
Rebuttable Presumption
Registration Statement
Registry Of Deeds
Rental Value
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Restraint Of Trade
Right Of Way
Right To Privacy
Running At Large

S  [Top]
Savings And Loan
Search And Seizure
Search Warrant
Security Deposit
Security Interest
Security Law
Separate Property
Separation Agreement
Sex Discrimination
Shield Laws
Silent Partner
Small Claims Court
Sole Proprietorship
Solitary Confinement
Special Administrator
Special Appearance
Special Circumstances
Special Damages
Special Master
Special Prosecutor
Specific Performance
Speedy Trial
Spousal Support
Standard Of Care
Stare Decisis
State Law
Status Conference
Statute Of Limitations
Stay Of Execution
Stock Certificate
Stock Option
Straw Man
Substantive Law
Substituted Service
Summary Judgment
Suppression Of Evidence
Supremacy Clause
Suspended Sentence

T  [Top]
Taking The Fifth
Tax Evasion
Temporary Injunction
Temporary Insanity
Testamentary Trust
Time Served
Title Insurance
Tort Claims Act
Trade Law
Trade Name
Trade Secret
Transfer Agent
Treble Damages
Triple Net Lease
Trust Deed

U  [Top]
Undue Influence
Unfair Competition
Unilateral Contract
Unjust Enrichment
Unlawful Assembly
Unlawful Detainer
Unreasonable Search And Seizure

V  [Top]
Vehicular Manslaughter
Vicarious Liability

W  [Top]
Warranty Deed
White Collar Crime

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